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This page is a summary of the links discussed
in my presentation of Women of the Blues
and Detroit's famed Paradise Valley entertainment district
my Tribute to Bonnie Raitt performances.

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Our presentation from - Nov 18, 2009 -
at the Southfield Public Library. Metro Detroit area, MI
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Here's what the Detroit Blues Society says about the Women of the Blues Lecture:

Detroit Blues Society Article about "Women of the Blues".

Jan, 2010 Detroit Blues Society
Blues News-Wolfgang Spider

Presentation Summary:

  Women of the Blues is a retrospective of the original blues women…the powerful performers that blazed the trails for artists today. This Multimedia presentation will review the history and demonstrate the varied styles of the great blues ladies. Award-winning Blues artist Maggie McCabe will perform and discuss the amazing work and life journeys of blues pioneers Sippie Wallace, Ma Rainey, Big Mama Thornton, Memphis Minnie, Bessie Smith, to current artists like Bonnie Raitt and more. We’ll talk about the artists that had ties to Detroit and spent time here in our electric blues and jazz scene.

This interactive discussion will review social and cultural events and the impact it made on personal expression and music of the time. It is only through these brave performers is it possible for singers, musicians and songwriters today to expand and further along this living, breathing art form.

This multimedia presentation and live music performance will display images, video and play audio of the original performers in all their glory and we’ll move through our discussion and perform some of these innovative songs and stories live to give you the true feeling of what the blues are all about to create a truly interactive event.

This will be a groundbreaking presentation of music that captivates all races as an audience and celebrates the brave women that spoke their minds with no abandoned. You’ll be in awe of Detroit’s rich musical history of Paradise Valley, Motown and our dynamic Jazz scene. Only today do performers see no boundaries of race when it comes to blues. The soulful genre has pulled together people of all walks of life to a common feeling and emotion that the blues brings to the forefront.

BLUES WOMEN (in no particular order)
Wikipedia Pages Official or main sites found Grave sites
Mamie Smith Mamie Smith # Mamie Smith
Bessie Smith Bessie Smith # Bessie Smith (NPS) Bessie Smith
Ruth Brown Ruth Brown Ruth Brown
Sippie Wallace Sippie Wallace #,   Mich Women's Hall of Fame Sippie Wallace
Victoria Spivey Victoria Spivey #,  Victoria Spivey* Victoria Spivey
Memphis Minnie Memphis , Memphis Minnie, Memphis Minnie (NPS) Memphis Minnie
Ma Rainey Ma Rainey * Ma Rainey
Big Mama Thornton Big Mama Thornton * Big Mama Thornton
Billie Holiday Billie Holiday , Billie Holiday* Billie Holiday
Lucille Bogan Lucille Bogan #, Lucille Bogan Lucille Bogan
Josephine Baker Josephine Baker Josephine Baker
Ida Cox Ida Cox #,  Ida Cox*, Ida Cox Ida Cox
Ethel Waters Ethel Waters #, Ethel Waters * Ethel Waters
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Sister Rosetta Tharpe (NPR story) Sister Rosetta Tharpe
  Other Wikipedia sites:  
  - Classic Female Blues  
  - Classic Female Blues Singers
Mamie Smith - First Blues Recording
  - Trail of the Hellhound - This site is part of the National Park Service government site and has a wealth of information on the history of Delta Blues .
Mamie Smith & her Jazz Hounds
  Paradise valley slide show - Detroit News
  Virtual Motor City -Wayne State University - Rare Detroit Photos
  – Detroit Encyclopedia - Paradise Valley
  – Soul of America - Paradise Valley

The Gotham Hotel
  Remembering Paradise Valley - Absolute Michigan
  Paradise Valley -
  Paradise Valley/Black Bottom- Marygrove College
Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey: A Journey to Music's Heart & Soul
  - Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey: A Journey to Music's Heart & Soul
  - Detroit's Paradise Valley (Images of America)
  - Before Motown: A History of Jazz in Detroit, 1920-60
CD's/ DVD's
  - House of Blues: Essential Women in Blues
  - Aretha Sings the Blues
  - Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Original Soul Sister
  - DVD- American Folk-Blues Festival: British Tours 1963-1966
  - DVD - The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 1    
  - DVD - The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 2 
  - DVD - The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 3
VIDEOS - YouTube and other video's available on-line
  Black Bottom Dance -
  Mamie Smith & her Jazz Hounds - Crazy Blues - 1920
                  slide show - first recorded blues tune
  – Mamie Smith - Jailhouse Blues
  – Mamie Smith - So What Papa?
  – Mamie Smith - Harlem Blues - Mamie Smith - 1935
  – Mamie Smith - Lord, Lord, Lord - Mamie Smith 1938
  – Big Mama Thornton ft. Buddy Guy - Hound Dog - 1965
  – Big Mama Thornton Harmonica Jam (John Lee Hooker, Big Walter Horton & Dr Ross)- Down Home Shakedown - 1965
  – Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog - 1984
  – Memphis Minnie - Me And My Chauffeur Blues (Slide show)
Woodward Ave.
  – Memphis Minnie - When the levee breaks (Slide show)
  – Memphis Minnie - Hoodoo Lady Blues (Slide show)
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Down By the Riverside
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Lonesome Road - 1941
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above my Head - 1960's
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Didn't It Rain - 1964
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Short Narrative History
  – Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Chicago blues all stars
                    a concert late 60's in Germany
  – Sippie Wallace - Up the Country Blues (Slide show)
  – Sippie Wallace - Suitcase Blues -1966
Victoria Spivey
  – Sippie Wallace - Women Be Wise
  – Sippie Wallace - Suitcase Blues -1966
  – Ruth Brown - Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean -1955
  – Ruth Brown - Teardrops From My Eyes
  – Ruth Brown - Tears KeepTumbling Down
  – Ruth Brown - Oh What A Dream
  – Ruth Brown - If I can't sell it..
  – Lavern Baker - Love Me Right In The Morning
  – Lavern Baker - Voodoo Voodoo
  – Jackie Wilson & LaVern Baker - Think Twice Version X (Explicit lyrics)
  – Bettye Lavette - Little Sparrow 2010
  – Bettye Lavette - Love Reign 2008 Kennedy Center Honors - The Who
  - Etta James, Chaka Kahn and Gladys Knight- Ain't Nobody Business
Photo: Jim Bevens

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