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Larry Everhart is a joy to watch play the harmonica. Larry is commonly heard to jest "It's just a toy" but the harmonica is definitely not a toy in his expert hands. He has the ability to lift this powerful instrument to new heights handling percussion licks as well as providing full horn accompaniment. Larry has performed live with local greats Jo Serrapere, Rollie Tussing III, Bob Codish, Mr. Bo and many others.

Larry can be heard on several tasty national as well as local recordings. Rollie Tussing III uses Larry's talents on several cuts of his 1995 self-titled recording on the Delta Snap label, and on his 1999 "Blow Whistle Blow" recording on One-Man Clapping records out of Chicago. Larry also plays with Rollie on the "Motor Town Music Festival 1999" CD along with the Motor Town Juke Boys on the Creative Music Services label. Larry is also an integral part of Carl Henry's Solo CD Southbound Home.

Larry is a longtime member of S.P.A.H. (Society for the Preservation and Enhancement of the Harmonica). This incredible organization includes only the best in the business. Larry is a fitting addition to this exclusive group of cats (sorry just had to do it). Coupling his talents with others in this elite group makes for a trip into what the harmonica is capable of. Larry performed in their 1997 "S.P.A.H. Blues Blowoff" with the Mark Hummel Blues Band and kept up with these aficionados with ease. He continues to perform at each gathering of S.P.A.H. and delights each audience.

Larry & Carl in 1999 on the set of "Krystal's"
Larry and former member of Maggie's Farm, Carl Henry began playing together in 1998 when they met through the Detroit Blues Society. They were often seen on the stage of the Soup Kitchen Saloon and other prime blues venues. They had the great opportunity to play on the local television broadcast of the award-winning "Krystal's Motor Town Café" TV show. This locally produced show airs in 35 Metro Detroit TV stations with the great efforts and spirit of Kathy and Bill McGettigan. This wonderful show is also where Larry and Maggie McCabe would make their first public performance together.

Maggie McCabe is relatively new to performing. In a short time, she's made her mark on the local music scene with her unique, direct style. A native of Royal Oak, Michigan, Maggie is a classically trained vocalist and plays guitar, mandolin and bass. Her honest, simple approach connects her with every audience.

In the mid 1980's she began to explore what she could do with her gifted voice. She would sit in, singing with friends in various acoustic duos and trios but would not study playing until many years later. Maggie has now returned to the stage after a nine year absence to raise her young son.

In 1998, the Maggie & the McCabes Band was formed and received many honors including the Performers Awards of Detroit - Best Live performance by a duo or group – 2000, and Maggie was also individually nominated for Best Live Female Vocal Performance and Female Entertainer of the Year - 2001.

Maggie's style and experiences led her from rock to the blues and the   where she met Larry and Carl….and so, as they say the rest is history.

Later Maggie, Carl and Larry formed the Maggie's Farm blues trio in the summer of 2000. They've since become fast friends and bonded together to become a dynamic experience in acoustic music.

Along with Maggie’s Farm, Maggie continues to expand her repertoire with other projects like the world beat group . Since working with the group –they’ve been nominated three years in a row for the Detroit Music Awards Outstanding World Beat group. Also, her all-female a cappella group,
  receiving rave reviews with their gospel, soul & swing renditions of old favorites and originals.
Along with these, Maggie continues on with the Farm and her blues roots which she loves dearly.

Former Farmhand Carl Henry is the definition of acoustic blues. His lightening speed on the Dobro is purely amazing. His rich history of playing has taken him from tiny clubs to festivals and concerts with over 10,000 blues fans witnessing his fierce ability to make his Dobro fill the air with great music.

Carl has performed with blues legends such as Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Rogers (Detroit Blues Festival, Hart Plaza 1991) and twice played solo for concert showcases for PointBlank Records (1999 & 2000). Any other player would shudder to play solo with the likes of John Lee Hooker in attendance, especially when playing one of John Lee's tunes. Not Carl. Which is exactly what happened. John Lee's response...a large, wide grin. Later, when Carl was able to meet John Lee, as he offered his hand, Carl attempted to shake it, he quickly pulled it back and exclaimed “Too hot, too hot”!

Many years on the road has provided Carl with a blues savvy unprecedented. Robert Jones, blues historian and program host at WDET (Detroit, 101.9 FM) was the first to urge Carl to the stage. The late, great "Famous Coachman" (WDET program host and Detroit bluesman) also was among the first to give Carl a break. They’ve been long time friends and supporters of Carl’s and a large influence on Mr. Henry's music along with other Detroit Blues veterans such as the Butler Twins, Uncle Jessie White, the late, great Mr. Bo and Eddie Burns to name a few.

Carl has long been a personality that graced the stage at the old Soup Kitchen Saloon and other Blues venues in the Detroit area. And it's a rare occasion that he's not asked to the stage whenever he stops by a club. He's not a man to say no to an opportunity to share his gift and enjoy the genuine pleasure of performing for true blues fans. Winner of the 2003 Detroit Blues Challenge (Detroit Blues Society) and 2004 Nominee – Outstanding Blues Instrumentalist, Detroit Music Awards.

Maggie’s Farm performs regularly in southeast Michigan as well as state-wide and regional music festivals.

2005 - Maggie's Farm performing at the Birmingham Farmers Market
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MP3 Audio- Can't Let Go

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